Thursday, August 3, 2017

Venezuela In Tatters

Why? Socialism is why. The same thing that destroyed Argentina's economy. Socialism and a president who is bound and determined to turn himself into a dictator. A president who is putting his opposition politicians in prison, and doing who knows what to them inside.; A country that was very rich, due to massive amounts of oil, is now BROKE, with not even enough toilet paper on store shelves, due to lots of regulation and government control. Yet socialism still has many adherents and believers, because of its promise of freebies without the bother of working for it. Add to that, a power-mad president, against whom thousands are rioting and getting themselves killed by government troops, and you have a disaster in the making. Venezuela is now on the brink of collapse, and the president doesn't realize it--or doesn't care. All he can see is his own power, and he does what it takes to solidify it, even if it means KILLING his citizens and imprisoning his opposition. He has even threatened to jail three foreign ambassadors if they attend a meeting of his opposition party, which will mean WAR with THREE countries, and the U. S. will probably be dragged into it, while he will lose and probably be killed, himself. (The Blaze)

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