Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MAN Gives Birth

Right. That's what liberals want you to think, anyway. What actually happened is that a woman transgender living as a man gave birth, and the liberal media reported that a MAN gave birth (fake news). And they expect us to BELIEVE that. Just like they want us to believe a man can menstruate. He can NOT. He doesn't have the PLUMBING to menstruate. They may fake some “evidence” that he does, like a pair of pants with bloodstains on them, but we STILL don't believe it. They report now that there are some 50 different sexes. That's a lie, too. There are TWO sexes: men, and women. That's all. Any more are simply CONSTRUCTS, coming from their fertile imaginations. This whole thing comes from the liberals wanting to convince us that something that CANNOT be true, IS true. That's what they do: try to convince us of things that are IMPOSSIBLE. (Patriot Post)

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