Monday, August 7, 2017

Terrorists Have Won!

No, not completely. But their main purpose is to scare us enough that we change our rules and violate our own laws and Constitution because of what they do. They have accomplished that, in many places. One place is the airport, where the TSA (Tough Sh-t Authority) routinely fingers your genitals and paws through your luggage behind the scenes, messing things up, and then leaving you a little cryptic note telling you that it is “federal law” for them to do so. That if you lock your bags and they can't defeat it any other way, they can break the lock, and they're not responsible for repairing it. They did that to me on my recent trip to Indiana. They left my clothes in a tangle and dumped some of my pills all over the bottom of the compartment. No apology. Just the note. (Just common sense)

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