Monday, August 7, 2017

Newsweek Is Amazingly Stupid

The liberal media is becoming increasingly obvious in their stupidity, as witness a recent Newsweek cover depicting Donald Trump as a “lazy boy” who never did anything. The Liberal media has been underestimating Donald Trump from the beginning. They laughed when he declared his run for president. They said there was NO WAY he could ever win. Then he won. Then they said he'd never be inaugurated. Then he was inaugurated and they said he'd never accomplish anything because he “didn't know his way around DC.” Then in his first 100 days he accomplished more than Obama accomplished in his first YEAR, and without the help of Congress. And of course, he was criticized for using executive orders so much, while Obama was LAUDED for doing the same.

Then it was announced that he was taking a 17-day (working) vacation while they worked on the White House. The liberal media went bananas. By this time in his presidency, Obama had taken FIVE vacations to play golf. Trump has accomplished, in his first 200 days, more than most presidents have accomplished in their entire presidencies. The liberal media AND the Dumocrats have underestimated Trump from the word “go.” And for this reason, they're going to LOSE, and lose BIG, again! They think they're going to take back control of the two houses of government in 2018, and the White House in 2020. I predict that they are going to suffer even more losses then, and Trump will be re-elected in a landslide, as Ronald Reagan was. The liberals on both coasts HATE him, but the average American citizen LOVES him—and their votes will prevail. (News Max)

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