Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Democrats and Bipartisanship

The Dumocrats talk a lot about “bipartisanship” since they lost the election and, with it, their power in DC. They NEVER talked about bipartisanship when THEY were in the majority, because that would allow the Republicans to have PART of their own way. NOW they want “bipartisanship” so they can “worm their way into” the decision-making in DC without having a majority. When they were on top, they never ALLOWED any “bipartisanship.” It was “their way or the highway.” NOW, they “want in.” Bipartisanship, to Democrats, means, “do it our way, not yours.” It's how they usurp the Republicans when they (the Republicans) are in power. It's a “routine scam,” but the Republicans always fall for it. (Just common sense)

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