Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"March for Impeachment"

Liberals (Dumocrats) have failed every time in every effort to get rid of Trump, so now they're taking a new tack: “Impeachment Marches.” They actually think a bunch of fools “marching” will get Trump impeached. Sad. What they seem not to know is that certain things are REQUIRED to happen before a president can be impeached, and that's what has defeated their previous efforts. They're “throwing everything against the wall” in hopes SOMETHING will stick. This is one more thing, and it's not going to stick, either. They might as well just admit defeat and give up. But they won't. Only intelligent people do that when they figure out they're supporting a lost cause. Stupid people and those who are insane just keep on plugging toward their own destruction. If they keep this up, the Dumocrats are headed the same direction as the Whigs went. History. (DC Clothesline)

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