Friday, August 4, 2017

German "Civil Partnerships"

Well, the militant gays got their way in Germany, and by so doing, revealed their REAL purpose: the usurpation of the WORD marriage. They already had scored a law allowing “civil partnerships,” but they weren't satisfied. They wanted the “whole banana,” their “unions” being called, “marriage.” And they finally got it, with this new law. I have nothing against gay people, per se. What they do in private is not my business. But I DO have something against militant gays DEMANDING to usurpate the description of marriage, for their own purposes. Another thing I don't like is their push to teach our CHILDREN (in SCOOL) that “gay is okay” and they ought to try it. And such things as the current push to allow MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms, where our young girls are often NAKED (young BOYS, too), (LGBTQ Nation) By the way: I don't go to this web site usually. It came up when I Googled “German civil unions.”

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