Monday, August 7, 2017

Kim "Warns" DC

Kim Jon Un, that fat, ugly little dictator in N. Korea (you know, that guy who couldn't get lucky unless he had a gun pointed at the woman), has “warned” the United States about “consequences” for their new sanctions on him and his country. Something he calls, “an attack on his sovereignty.” He threatens to “END the USA.” That's like a FLEA warning an elephant: “If you step on me, I'll kill you!” As I've said before, this fool must have a death wish, or he really thinks he stands a chance against a county that WON two world wars, the last one against TWO COUNTRIES! Yes, he has a few intercontinental ballistic missiles. Yet if he fires ONE of them in our direction, he will soon cease to exist, while we shoot it down before it gets NEAR this country. Kim is an insufferable FOOL who is all puffed up with his own importance. He's like a frog in a small pond. He thinks he's really strong, but will be MASHED if he keeps it up. His comic book generals with their medals down to their KNEES on their uniforms (not in this picture) make me laugh. (The Sun)

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