Thursday, August 3, 2017

China Knife Attack

In Changchun, China, 18 people were stabbed by an “insane” man who was only stopped when the cops arrived with their guns and shot him. Proving, once again, that lack of guns stops NOTHING in the way of violence. If somebody wants to hurt people, he will find a way. In China, guns are just not allowed for anybody but cops and other government officials. But still, 18 people are now in the hospital with all that involves. I've said, over and over, that if you take guns out of the equation, as did China, there will still be violence. But do the anti-gun fools listen? Not a chance! All they're interested in is disarming ALL the honest, law-abiding people in America. They know that will NOT get rid of the violence, but they don't care. In China, knife attacks happen often, because it's so hard to get guns legally. (Fox News)

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