Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Call 'Em Names!

Liberals don't have anything else, so they just call people who disagree with them names. They have no cogent arguments to support their ignorant positions, so that's all they have. “Scandal” star Joshua Malina calls people who disagree with him homophobic, antisimitic, mysoginistic, and transphobic. I doubt if he even knows the meaning of those words, but he throws them out to describe Trump supporters. If he had anything else, he'd use it, instead of just calling us names, but he does NOT. Other Hollywood figures are the same. Their rants are suspiciously devoid of FACTS, and contain mostly name-calling. So I guess we can ignore them. They're not worth a second look. It amazes me how people who pretend to be somebody they're not for a living think that qualifies them to insult their betters—it does not. Their rants simply make them look like the FOOLS they are. (Breitbart)

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