Friday, August 4, 2017

"Tweeting Isn't Presidential!"

That's what liberals (Dumocrats) say, and they're FOS* (*Full of Sh-t). They only say that because Trump uses Tweeting so well, and so successfully. He's not limited to depending on the biased liberal media to get his message out—and they want to put a stop to that. Trump has the inalienable right to use ANY method he wishes to get his message out. Who gave them the right to dictate what is, and what isn't “presidential?” The president can communicate with the public in any way he wishes, and they can't stop him—so they grouse and whine, and make themselves look like the fools they are. President Reagan used a simple thing like a weekly radio show, to which millions listened. If he had had to depend on the media to get his message out, things would have ended up a lot differently than they did. The liberal media gets very bent out of shape when a president “goes around them,” as President Trump is doing, very effectively. They're simply jealous. (Patriot Retort)

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