Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Liberal Attack On Fox

Just as I thought. A woman who accused Eric Bolling of sexual misconduct has come forward. She is Caroline Heldman, an associate professor at Occidental College, and has a HISTORY of making accusations against Fox personalities without any kind of proof. She had made similar accusations against Bill O'Reilly and Fox executive Woody Frazer, but continued to appear on Fox for three years without a peep. And when she made her previous accusations against O'Reilly and Frazer, Bolling was not even mentioned. This woman is a KNOWN liberal. She talks about “knowing several other women who had similar experiences with Bolling, but strangely, they have not come forward, nor provided any kind of proof of these unfounded accusations. Nor have they been named. This appears to be a pattern of liberals accusing Fox people of sexual misconduct, and has been somewhat successful, due to new, liberal management of the organization, which seems to be “knee-jerk” receptive to such accusations. (Conservative Tribune)

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