Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Always Trump's Fault

N. Korea is pushing and pushing, threatening nuclear “first strike” on an American protectorate. He has shown himself to be insane, and his comic book generals with their medals down to their knees just as insane. So Trump, instead of “knuckling under” to his damfool threats, tells him just what will happen if he makes a single move toward ANY American protected territory, and it's TRUMP'S fault. It's not the soft, wimpy response we've come to expect under Obama, so it's TRUMP who is “moving us to the brink of war.” I submit that it is KIM JONG UN who is “moving us to the brink of war,” and it will result in his END if he continues, and rightly so. Some fools think we should do ANYTHING to avoid a nuclear war. But WE are not the ones threatening nuclear war, It is that pitiful fool in N. Korea who is, and he must be met with superior force—which we have the ability to do. Yes, some Americans will die if he launches. And even more N. Koreans will die, and it's KIM'S fault, not Trump's. (The Week)

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