Thursday, August 3, 2017

Only Three Years Left

The former (fortunately) UN Climate Czar, Christina Figueres, says we only have three years left to stop global warming. And the answer she advises, is, “send money.” As usual. Global warming is one of the biggest moneymaking scams in the world, and there are a lot of people “feeding at the money trough,” including her. She says “Governments and businesses need to 'pony up' $1.3 TRILLION a year by 2020, 'earmarked' for climate action. And you can bet she has her own hand out to skim some of the money off the top. Funny; they usually don't make their predictions so short that we might actually SEE how wrong they are so soon. AlGore said we only had 15 YEARS about 30 years ago. Some people think this is true because so many people preach it. But that's wrong. They're only “jumping on the band wagon” to skim off some of the money. Or they've just “bought the BS” and are practicing the global warming religion. (Liberty Headlines)

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