Thursday, July 16, 2020

Worried About Farts

As if the fuss about the CEO of GOYA Foods having the temerity to actually praise our sitting president weren’t enough, now liberals, far and wide, are “very worried” about how the increased farting by buyers of GOYA beans will affect global warming/climate change. The fact that “climate change” is an imaginary problem doesn’t enter into it. Liberals have targeted GOYA because its CEO didn’t “toe the liberal line,” so they’re going to find everything they can to use in hitting him over the head every chance they can get. For my part, I’m going to seek out GOYA products, and fart as much as possible, and liberals be damned. Of course, this fits right in with the liberal wish to tax as much as they can, and it was only a matter of time after they started taxing cow farts that that would move on to human farts. Every living being farts. Cows fart; horses fart; dogs fart. INSECTS fart. We just can’t hear them. And I predict that liberal fools will try taxing farts from as many of them as they can. I notice this comes from the Babylon Bee, a well known spoof publication, so I’m not really sure of its veracity. But since liberals are so prone to be stupid, it’s easy to fall for it. (Babylon Bee)

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