Thursday, July 9, 2020

Taxing Cow Farts

Some time ago, a government bureaucrat came up with an ingenious idea: tax cow farts. Cows fart all the time, so that would be major supply of money for the government. Not a moral supply, but a supply, nonetheless. But don’t tell them this: every living being farts, or they’ll lay a tax on it for everybody they can get to. Cows fart; horses fart; humans fart; So do animals. Bugs fart, though we can’t hear them. Birds and bees fart. But they can’t tax their farts, so they ignore them. Taxing farts is like taxing the very air we breathe. We can’t avoid farting, nor breathing. So taxing farts should be declared criminal. But then, politicians don’t think that way. They want to tax everything they think they can get away with. Their entire way of living is figuring out new and better ways to gouge more and more money out of us. Some if by taxes. Some is by “donations.” I’m retired. I have no taxable income. So they can’t tax me. But I get 100 e-mails every day, and98% of them are demands for “donations” from various bureaucrats, some of whom I’ve never heard of, in states I’ve never visited. The closer to an election we get, the more strident they become, some even accusing me of “letting them down” because I haven’t sent them my money. It never ends. When one election ends a cycle, another election is “coming up.” I’m really getting tired of dealing with it. (Just common sense)

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