Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Using the Left's Playbook

And it is making them dirty their drawers. They sponsored “sanctuary cities” all over the country where liberal city governments declared themselves “above the law” and would not help ICE in their lawful efforts to enforce immigration law. They said it was okay to refuse to follow the law. Then pro-gun people declared “gun sanctuary cities (and counties) where they would not enforce those UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun confiscation laws, and anti-gun fools lost their minds. The Virginia AG even came right out and “ruled” that they MUST obey those laws, because it “is the law.” But it isn’t. If ANY LAW violates the Constitution, it is NO LAW, no matter if it is written down and voted on by a legislature. It is not worth the paper it it written on. You just can’t make unconstitutional laws and insist they be enforced, even if you think you can. And there is another factor. The American citizen is used to being able to arm himself against law-breakers and, if they succeed in taking away all legal guns, there will be a revolution. The British tried it, and the revolution that created this great nation ensued. If our politicians think they can disarm this nation’s citizens without consequences, they are sorely mistaken. And if there is such a revolution, I will be in the forefront of its supporters. (Bearing Arms)

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