Thursday, July 23, 2020

In Spite of Obstacles

Donald Trump is used to people throwing obstacles in his path and still being able to attain his goals. So it doesn’t really bother him that Dumocrats oppose his every move, while he attains every goal he sets for himself. He announced his intent to run for the presidency and Dumocrats scoffed. “He doesn’t have a chance!” they said, and went on with their effort to elect Hillary if they had to cheat to do it. So now Trump is president, and they determined to place every “roadblock” they could in his way. But Trump is used to that, and he “rolled right over them” and created the best economy this nation has seen in decades. The Obama economy was the WORST in history. So bad, he even had to excuse his incompetence by telling us it was “the new normal.” That a good economy was a thing of the past, and wouldn’t be back. So in Trump’s first year as president, it came back, with a ROAR. Obama said those millions of jobs that went overseas under his administration would never come back. That this too, was “the new normal.” So they came back. Now employers are having trouble finding people to hire because those who want a job, have one. He brought people to the negotiating table we never thought would come. Some came to an agreement with us, and others did not. He’s still working on those, and I fully expect him to win. Dumocrats have tried their best to undermine his presidency, at the risk of destroying this country—and they have failed, miserably. They tried impeaching him, and couldn’t even get that right. Of course, there was no reason TO impeach him. But that didn’t stop them from trying. They know he will win in 2020, and they hate that. They will keep sniping at him and “biting at his ankles” while he continues to make them look the fools they are. “The Swamp” will verily be “drained” by the end of his second term. (Just common sense)

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