Monday, July 13, 2020

A Criminal Utopia

The United States: as a “cop-free zone.” A world completely open for criminals to victimize anybody they wished without having to worry about some cop having the temerity to actually arrest them for their crime. A world in which they could rob, rape, con and murder without punishment, where all the law-abiding people would be at their mercy. The criminals would love that. The honest people would not. What I should not have to point out is the unalterable fact that, without the police, the criminals would “run free,” taking what they wished, assaulting and killing those who objected. That is what they would like, and they can see progress in that direction with the recent successes of that lawless outfit, the lack Lives Matter movement. What neither side seems to see is that the breakdown in lawful order that would entail would destroy this society and lead to armed warfare between the bad guys and the good guys, with many non-participants being wounded and killed—with nobody to control what happens. (Just common sense)

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