Friday, July 10, 2020

Defunding the Cops is Stupid!

Just because there are a few--very few—bad cops who think they can get away with abusing their power is no reason to hamstring them by defunding them, or to get rid of them, altogether. The whole idea of getting rid of the police is stupid if you think it through, which those screaming to do it just have not done. Think about it, What would inevitably happen if you abolished the cops? The crooks and other malcontents like the Islamic terrorists would take over. Murder rates would go sky high, and YOU might even be one of the victims. Even if not, you’ll probably be the victim of the crimes that will inevitably be committed by the criminals and malcontents who will be given unfettered power to victimize you without reprisals. The cops are the first and last defense you have against them, and to defund or get rid of them is folly. It’s already happening in NYC, where their stupid liberal mayor has taken away a billion dollars in money, strangling their efforts at recruiting, training, and controlling the cops they do have. Cops are so disillusioned at that that they are quitting in droves before the money runs out, or they get killed, riding around in their distinctive cars, wearing their distinctive uniforms. The murder rate had already DOUBLED, and the rate of other crimes has gone up, as well, in the absence of many cops that money would have paid for. And it’s only going to get worse, as stupid liberal politicians like DiBlasio continue to make, and impose, stupid decisions. (Just common sense)

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