Wednesday, July 15, 2020

It's Beginning

I’ve been predicting the start of a civil war for a long time, and ANTIFA is bringing my prediction to life. I’ve also said that the time will come when someone in an ANTIFA crowd will bring an illegal gun to their demonstration and will shoot and kill somebody who opposes them. Fortunately this time, lousy marksmanship stopped a killing, but otherwise, it was just what I predicted. An SUV that was not involved in the “demonstration” (riot) was instantly surrounded by screaming rioters and the driver, afraid rightly for his life, accelerated through the crowd of swarming rioters. Not one, but TWO demonstrators pulled guns, but only one fired, hitting the driver. Then he put his gun away and continued “demonstrating” until he was arrested and charged with attempted murder later. This write-up goes to great lengths to disguise the nature of the “demonstrators,” but they were ANTIFA. Today’s “latter day KKK.” If ANTIFA is not designated as a “Domestic Terrorist Group,” allowing the arrest of its members just for being a member, this is not only going to continue, but will inevitably escalate into open warfare in the streets. (Deseret)

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