Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Doesn't Work With Gangs"

A New Zealand police commander tells us the obvious: “Gun control only works with the compliant.” The law-abiding. It doesn’t work with gangs, or other law-breakers. No kidding! Maybe we should import her and send her to the Virginia Legislature. They need somebody with a few brains. There obviously aren’t any there, considering the recent anti-gun laws they’ve passed. Of course, their governor isn’t much better. He promised a “violent confrontation” with the pro-gun folks at that recent pro-gun meeting. He, and his “compliant” media were sorely disappointed when nobody got shot and killed (while he hid in his office), in spite of all the guns that were there. Of course, he was quick to take credit for stopping a confrontation that wasn’t going to happen, anyway. He’s a consummate politician. A “good con man.” This NZ cop realizes what I, and many other people have been telling people for years: anti-gun laws only work on the law-abiding, who OBEY laws, even if they think they’re stupid. So what the hell GOOD are they? NO good, that’s what. They only make it easier for law-breakers, who obey NO laws, to victimize those who do. So they make more of them. (Twitter)

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