Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Bloomberg Controls Mean Bloodbath

Former NY Mayor Bloomberg wants to take away all LEGAL guns. If his “gun control” had been in effect in Fort Worth when that fool came into that church and started killing innocent people, that brave citizen with his own gun would not have been able to instantly kill him, and there would have been a real massacre in that church. It amazes and sickens me that the “authorities” in Fort Worth immediately “jumped up:” and tried to stop such civilians from being able to bring his gun with him to church. What kind of stupidity does it take to want to eliminate the SOLUTION to gun violence? I keep telling the anti-gun fools that their laws only make it easier for the law-breakers to victimize the law-abiding, but they’re “tone deaf” to reality, I guess. Or they would listen to this “voice of reason.” But they’re too stupid—or they have an ulterior motive in wishing to rid the world of as many guns as they can—except those in the hands of the cops or “government agents.” (Breitbart)

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