Wednesday, July 22, 2020

"Tool of Oppression"

I’m not one of your religious fanatics, but I recognize that there are some “good words” of logic in the Bible. One of those is contained in Jeremiah 6:23 where they talk about “removing the bows and spears” from the people while the “Chaldeans will be mounted on horseback bearing swords.” In other words, if you want to subjugate a people, take away their means to defend themselves against not only the average criminal, but also those wearing badges or shouting, “federal agent!” It means if you have no guns today, you cannot defend yourself against anybody, especially not “government agents,” come to subjugate you. So any politician wanting to take your guns is a would-be despot, out to subjugate you. That means you must vote AGAINST any politician whose stated objective is to take away your guns lest he subjugate you. They tell you their purpose in “getting rid of guns” (except theirs, of course) is to “protect you.” But it does not. The millions of ILLEGAL guns out there proves that. What it does do is make YOU defenseless. Period. Against the illegal guns and the legal ones in the hands of “government agents.” (NOQ Report)

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