Friday, July 10, 2020

Didn't Plan On That

Virginia Governor Northam did his best (worst) to make it look like there was going to be an “armed riot” in Richmond some time ago, and was sorely disappointed when nobody got shot, even though many guns were in evidence there. Event-goers even cleaned up after themselves. And there was only ONE ARREST, of a woman, for wearing a mask. Of course, now everybody wears a mask. Northam finally came out of his hidey-hole and had to admit the even was completely peaceful, after he “went off half-cocked” and declared a “state of emergency” on not a single bit of evidence. The final result? Gun sales increased almost 50% over 2018! So all he accomplished with his irrational histrionics was almost half again the number of LEGAL gun sales that year. And no telling how many ILLEGAL gun sales there were. Of course, the legal gun sales are all he is concerned with, because that’s all he can control—maybe. He can’t control how many illegal gun sales there are, and never will. This time, instead of being “black-faced,” he was “red-faced” when it was all over. And the citizens of the state of Virginia will deal with him in the next election. (CNS News)

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