Thursday, May 28, 2020

They're Doing It Again

Dumocrats in Congress are trying to pass a bill into law that will inevitably weaken the Second Amendment. Their umpteenth try. This bill will do many things that are not good. Among them is the ability to INDEFINITELY delay background checks. Expands background check requirements, and offers money to anti-gun fools. If they can indefinitely delay background checks, that means you cannot buy your gun until they “graciously allow” you to do so, whenever they get around to it. We know that a right delayed is a right denied, and that’s what they want do. They are hiding the purpose of this bill by misnaming it “The Urban Progress Act.” They know this bill will be strongly opposed, and they hope, by misnaming it, to cause us not to “tumble” to its real purpose. It’s sponsored by Rep. Robin Kelly, a Dumocrat, of course. This bill, if passed, will be yet another unconstitutional law against gun ownership by American citizens, since it is an “infringement” upon the right guaranteed us by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Don’t let it happen. Sign the protest included here. (Firearms Policy Coalition)

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