Thursday, May 21, 2020

NASCAR and the Second

The liberal media is making a big thing of a NASCAR team being sponsored by a promoter of the Second Amendment. Like that makes them nasty—or something. Truth is, NASCAR people are big supporters of the Second Amendment, and it is a good move for that team. The Second Amendment is a GOOD THING, since it makes politicians who think they should control everything, and all of us, in everything we do (like AOC) think twice before going too far in controlling us. It is a known fact that would-be dictators always disarm their citizens to make them easier to control. On the side of the race truck is an “in-your-face” picture of Donald Trump as “The Punisher,” which is what he is—at least for the “swamp” dwellers. NASCAR people also tend to be Trump supporters too, which makes that simply something funny to them, and a “slap in the face” to liberals—which can only be good. This sponsorship is guaranteed to “trigger” all liberals, who tend to be in favor of taking your guns away, and triggering liberals, anywhere, can only be a good thing. I try and do it, every day. And they’re so EASY to “trigger!” (Story Warrant)

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