Thursday, May 14, 2020

"No Scandals Administration"

Barack Obama must think we’re as stupid as he is if he expects us to actually believe that his administration was “scandal-free.” I can detail at least 18 scandals in his administration. Just a few are” “slow-walking” conservative organizations for tax-free status—something for which at least one IRS fool lost her job, (although her lavish pension will keep her living comfortably for the rest of her life); then there’s Benghazi, where people died; the Bowe Bergdahl scandal; the Veteran’s Administration “death list” scandal; $500 million lost to Solyndra, and many others, way too numerous to mention here. I don’t think I’ve got enough computer memory to list all of them. Barack Obama was one of the worst presidents we have had in memory, surpassing Jimmy Carter and his “Misery Index” many times. And he stands up there and tells that enormous whopper—and actually expects us to believe it. Obama was also one of the worst LIARS in memory. If it comes out of his mouth or off his pen it MUST be a lie. With what he has done, it’s hard to believe he isn’t in prison. Ex-presidents are NOT above the law. Dumocrats themselves have said so often enough about Republicans. (Just common sense)

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