Friday, May 29, 2020

Civil War Coming

That’s what Rush Limbaugh thinks, anyway, and I agree with him. Dumocrats all over the country are insisting on keeping their “stay-at-home orders” in place, long after they have been proven to NOT be a preventative to the spread of the virus. Those that do let their states open put impossible limitations on business, such as limiting restaurants to 50% business. Limiting them to using only 50% of their tables eliminates ANY profit, and profit is the ONLY reason they go to work in the morning. Keeping everybody at home stops all production of goods and soon there will be shortages of everything, including food. That’s when people will start a serious rebellion. Then the cops will intervene, and start shooting people. After that it’s “open season,” and the people will begin shooting back. Then it’s war. And that’s what the Dumocrats want. After the war is over, they can then institute their socialism, which is what’s behind all this. The virus is just the vehicle they were looking for. The Socialist Dumocrat Party is subversive. They always have been. (Freedom Updates)

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