Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sex Ed for Children

In Chicago, they want to start a sex-ed program for children as young as FIVE! Looks like they want to go back into the educating of children about sex business that they used to participate in, before they were “found out” and theded (we hope). In their prior program, they designed “sensors” to gauge the child's physical reaction while they showed them government-made porn. For the girls, it was a penis-shaped probe that went in her vagina. For the boys, a similar “probe” that went in his anus. Of course, the “probe” wasn't really necessary for boys, since they could figure out his reaction to the porn by his erection. But not them. They wanted to shove something up his rear end. Now they want to teach children too young to even know what sex IS, all about sex. Have you ever seen a child that learns about something who doesn't want to TRY it? So the net result of their “experiments” will be a significant INCREASE in sex among small children. (WGN News)

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