Thursday, May 28, 2020

Crossed A Red Line

Obama laid out a “red line” that the Iran Ayatollah’s should not cross, and they did cross it. What did Obama do? Nothing. In fact, he sent them a palletful of money to use in their further “red line” crossings. Which, of course, empowered them (in their minds) to continue their outrages. Then our regime changed. President Trump was elected, and Iran thought they could continue their outrages unpunished, as usual. But they didn’t reckon on this president. He drew a “red line” and they crossed it. So he sent a drone to “take out” their number 2 man, and top general. Which sent a message to the Ayatollah that he could be next. They know where he is, at all times, just as they did the general. And he is now “part of the landscape” outside the Baghdad Airport. He is fertilizing the greenery. The Ayatollah must be “quaking in his slippers,” watching the skies for his own drone. He knows that if he continues to “bite at Trump’s ankles,” he will soon see one—just before it makes HIM “part of the landscape. The snowflake Dumocrats, of course, criticize Trump for taking this general out. But they would have also complained if Trump dd not take him out and he murdered many more Americans. Whatever he does, Dumocrats don’t like. (Just common sense)

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