Friday, May 29, 2020

Can't Make Self Defense

Those two Georgia rednecks who murdered a black man are now claiming self defense in the murder, according to their attorneys. They’re saying it was a justified killing because they were defending themselves when their victim saw two men with guns attacking him and fought back. Fighting back doesn’t qualify as an attack. Not in my world, anyway. You can’t attack a man on the street and not expect him to fight back. They say they “suspected him” of committing a crime when he entered that construction site, when all he wanted was maybe some water. He didn’t steal anything and left right away. They had no real reason to follow him with guns and attack him, while he had every reason to fight back. That does NOT create a self defense situation for those two armed men who were attacking an UNARMED black man who was doing nothing but running on a public road. Last I heard, running while black was not a crime—except to racist red necks. These men need to be put away for a long time. (Mail News)

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