Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Put Up or Shut Up!"

Dumocrat “investigators” and non-investigators (anti-Trump politicians) are always confidently assuring us they “have clear and convincing evidence” of wrongdoing by President Trump. Bur they never tell us what it is, because there isn’t any. They just want you to believe there is. Whenever I hear one say that, I want to tell him/her to “put up or shut the hell up!” “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff is the worst one doing this First it was the “Russian Collusion.” then when they couldn’t prove that, it became “obstruction of justice.” When they couldn’t produce proof of that, they looked around for something else they could accuse him of. Then President Trump did what he has the authority to do and fired several Obama-appointed Inspectors General and they’re “off to the races” again. When they can’t prove anything there, they’ll come up with something else. They’ll still be trying to get him on SOMETHING long after he has left office in 2024. Jerry Nadler is another fool who tells us all about having evidence against Trump, but he too, cannot produce it. “Mad Max”ine Waters is always telling us about “Trump’s crimes” while she funnels campaign cash to her daughter. I’m getting tired of hearing it. We need to “retire” these fools, and more. There IS no “evidence of wrongdoing” by Trump. So they’d better put up or shut up. (Just common sense)

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