Thursday, February 6, 2020

Pelosi Is Outdated

She is a “shriveled up old crone” who thinks she actually has the knowledge of how this country should be run. She should be home in San Francisco tending to her knitting and feeding her cats instead of messing around in the workings of a major government. Of course when she goes out, she’d better be very aware of where she steps because of the brown stuff the policies her liberal friends have instituted have allowed to build up on the streets. She’s way too old and feeble to be of any good to this country. Moreover, her very ideas are an anathema to this country. She wants to get rid of the best president we have ever had because she’s mad at her party getting soundly whipped in the 2016 election.

A president that proved his predecessor WRONG when he said “the best is way behind us” and the “good economy will never come back” as an excuse because he didn’t have any idea how to BRING it back. Well, it HAS come back, with a ROAR! And in less than one four-year term. We are in better shape than we’ve ever been before, and she is so consumed with her “old woman’s hatred” she can’t see it, and wants to be rid of the man who brought it back and is continuing to work on making it even better. Don’t give me a hard time about calling her “old.” I’m just as old as she is, but I wouldn’t pretend to know how to run a major government. Or to judge the man who does, or the stamina to do it if I did. Neither does she, but she isn’t smart enough to recognize it. I just watch the RESULTS and go from there. (Just common sense)

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