Monday, February 17, 2020

Gun Rights ARE Inalienable!

Anti-gun fools are now saying that “gun rights are not inalienable.” Which is an out-and-our LIE. There is no right in the Constitution that is more inalienable. The Second Amendment is simple and uncomplicated, although anti-gun fools have tried and tried to complicate it by insisting that gun rights are limited to members of an “organized militia,” something that did not even EXIST at the time the Constitution was written. A “militia” then was considered to be all the people, who could be called up at any time to defend our nation, and they wanted them to bring their own guns, because the government then was not as “flush with money” as it is today. They recognized the right to self defense, and that gun ownership and use was vital to self defense, so the Second Amendment told us that “no law” could be made to infringe on that right. It’s that simple, and inalienable. That amendment does not “grant” us that right, it merely recognizes and guarantees that the government can never infringe on that right, though politicians have tried every way they can to do just that, ever since. Before the ink was even dry on the Constitution. If the Second Amendment is ever repealed, you can look for this country to be a dictatorship soon after. (Just common sense)

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