Monday, February 24, 2020

"Liberals Lost Their Minds!"

That could be boilerplate added to any headline that begins, “Trump did…” Because anything President Trump does infuriates liberals. It’s an object of “religious faith.” Trump can do no right. Even if what he does is something liberals have pined for all their lives. If Trump did it, they’d grit their teeth (if they have any) and “lose their minds.” They ought to trademark that phrase as part of the Dumocrat branding, because it is. It is undeniable that they hate Donald Trump more than anything. They have done NOTHING for the last three years since his election as president, except “investigate” him, hoping to find a “crime” they can pin on him. But because he’s one of the most honest men in this country, they have failed at every attempt, while spending millions of dollars of YOUR MONEY to do it. And they continue to spend even more in their frustration, to do it. They’re crying and laying on the floor stomping their feet like children having a tantrum. They would start a war if Trump ever said he absolutely did not want one. Whatever Trump wants, Dumocrats hate. And everything he accomplishes (which is plenty) they “lose their minds” and scream and cry like little children who didn’t get their way. There may have been worse examples of stupidity in politics before this, but I haven’t seen any—and I’ve been around a long time. (Just common sense)

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