Friday, February 14, 2020

False Accusations

This bimbo falsely accused multiple men of raping her, even though I can’t see why ANY man would want to have sex with her, rape, or consensual. This lump of lard should ask herself, “Who would WANT to rape her? Personally, I’d rather have sex with a fence post. This bimbo is the very reason why we should NEVER “believe the woman” without any kind of proof. Especially after years of staying quiet. Yes, there are usually not eye-witnesses to rape, but a “rape kit” is very good at giving proof of rape, even if the rapist used contraceptives. This woman obviously just wants a big payday, and figures false accusations of rape as the way do it, with the “believe the woman” campaign out there promoting believing ALL rape claims without proof. The fact is, you CAN’T “believe the woman” without proof, because there are some women out there who will take advantage of it. And this is one of them. There have even been MEN who have claimed rape. Some with proof, and some without. I’m a man, and if I were raped, I’d be sure and get something to use as proof, even if it’s only skin scrapings from under my fingernails. Of course, there is the question, “Who would rape this old man?” (Independent Minute)

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