Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fox Is On A Suicide Mission

After the death of the early “Czar” at Fox News, the helm was taken over by younger folks who are known liberals. Non-liberals were instantly concerned, since Fox was the “bulwark” of true news, for years. Then liberals began appearing, not only as unpaid guests, but as paid “contributors,” too. When they hired a formed DNC Chair as a contributor, I knew they were on a definite slide into oblivion. They kept liberal anchor Shepard Smith on for a long time, in spite of his faulty reporting of Dumocrat talking points as news—until the criticism he was getting from other anchors became too much for him and he quit, to apply for a job at CNN and MSNBC, something that seems to be working out for him. He will be in a good place for him there—either one. But Chris Wallace wasn’t smart enough to seek employment elsewhere and keeps mouthing Dumocrat talking points as “factual” every day. He needs to go to CNN or somewhere like that, along with Shep. But maybe he won’t have to. Fox is now leaning so far left in their “news” coverage that he may continue to fit in there, after all, while Fox’s ratings begin to slide, along with other liberal-run outfits. One can only hope there will rise to prominence any other station that retains it’s insistence on truth—as Fox used to do. Yes, they “crossed” Trump. But they “crossed” us, too. And they will pay, in the long run, for beginning to put lies on the air. (DC Swamp Tales)

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