Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hypocrisy Personified

Well-known anti-gun Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, who has been charged with extortion for telling Burger King that they had to send their legal business to his office to get any permits approved. And a permit application they’ve been trying to get issued for a long time was “magically” approved the same day they agreed. Now this guy has been in that office for fifty years, and actually “inherited it” from his father. Kinda like a small time king, I guess. And when they raided his office, they found that this anti-gun (for us) politician was “armed to the teeth.” They found 23 guns there. Alderman Burke is the embodiment of Chicagoland corruption, and has just been caught by the feds, not the locals or the state. Of course not. The “fix” is in. He sees to that. But it’s hard for a local politician to control the federal government. They have their own pay-off system that he was not part of. His mistake, and a “deadly one” to his political future—unless he can find somebody to bribe. Keeping those guns in his office was yet another violation of the law for which he should be charged—unless he can claim it’s for “security purposes,” since he’s such an important man. That’s what big-time politicians usually claim. It remains to see whether or not they are licensed. Chicago itself mostly is a “gun-free zone,” for everybody but cops and other “government agents.” An 1879 law “defining” an alderman as a “peace officer” might be the loophole he needs to avoid that charge. That “fix” has been “in” for a long time. (Truth About Guns)

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