Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Free--With YOUR Money

Dumocrats are all offering to give away a lot of money—other people’s money, not theirs, to buy votes. That’s how they win most elections—apart from ballot stuffing and other methods for stealing elections, that is. They TAKE ,oney from productive, working members of society to use in giving it to UNPRODUCTIVE, non-working members of society so they will give them the one thing Dumocrats hold dear—their votes. It’s how they stay in power. “Crazy Bernie” Sanders promises trillions of dollar’s worth of “free things” but has no idea how he will get the money to pay for it all. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t give a damn. As one Dumocrat was heard to say, “There’s always more money.” And she was right. As long as you can “print money” with nothing valuable behind it, as politicians have been doing for years, thus diluting the value of the money already out there—a way to increase taxes without having to have the congress vote on it. They figure they can buy your votes with your money, and there’s no end to it. But there is. An end to the money, that is. When the world “tumbles” to the fact that most of the “money on paper” we offer has no value and stops accepting it. At that time, this government will crumble. (Washington Times)

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