Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Liberals Are Steamed!

In Wisconsin, Republicans are trying to get firearms safety classes started in their schools, and the anti-gun fools are losing their minds, because they want to pretend guns do not exist to our children. They want to keep them gun ignorant as long as possible. They think that is the way to keep children from seeking out and finding their parents’ guns and accidentally killing one of their friends, or themselves. But, as usual, they’re very WRONG. Curiosity about something kept from them fuels their search for those guns, and that creates many opportunities for deadly accidents. Teaching them about guns, and letting them handle them in CONTROLLED situations, eliminates that curiosity while they can be admonished about gun safety and the fact that these are not “cap guns.” They KILL people. Thus creating a healthy dose of reality in them, making them much less likely to accidentally kill somebody. But you will never convince the anti-gun fools of this. They have an irrational FEAR of guns, for themselves, their children, and YOUR children, thus being responsible if one of those children accidentally kills somebody. (Guns and Rifles)

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