Friday, September 7, 2018

Defensive Gun Use?

It’s a lot more prevalent than the anti-gun fools want you to think. They recently put out a “poll” that included mostly liberal-run states and ignored states that are more “gun friendly” to support their lies. This “study” only reported stats from a very small number of states. If all 50 states had been included, the numbers would be very different. Truth is, defensive uses of guns happened 1 million times a year nationally. Which is a figure the anti-gun fools would rather you not know. This is under their oppressive, useless anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down ILLEGAL gun use, but only DISARM the law-abiding, who are the targets of those illegal guns, making them defenseless. A million times a year is amazing, since the anti-gun fools tell you confidently it doesn’t happen. And they publish flawed “studies” to prove the lie. The fact is, you just can’t depend on ANY of their figures to be true. Their very basic PREMISE is flawed. It is that, if they can “get rid of guns,” magically, all crime will disappear. That the NRA is somehow a dastardly organization because they stand up for enforcing the LAW, and adhering to the Constitution. They can’t answer their arguments, so they resort to their usual scam, just call them names, like “Nazi,” “terrorist,” etc. (Reason)

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