Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It's Not A Bubble!

It doesn’t matter what happens under Trump, the liberals will find SOMETHING to criticize about it. Trump calls a press conference about the rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and they just can’t believe he would call a press conference about THAT. The stock market rises to record levels and they say it’s a “bubble” and will soon fall. But it’s NOT a bubble. It is based on solid earnings, unlike what happened during the Obama administration, and the rising GDP is just one indicator. Yes, there ARE “downturns” in the Market. Sometimes big ones, as financiers panic over some “bad news.” But it always rebounds, and the TREND is always UPWARDS, in the long run. Yes, we’ve had some recessions, and even depressions. But look at the Market, today. It has reached record highs, not seen in the past. Find a chart of the Stock Market over the years, and you’ll see the continuing RISE, in spite of frequent DIPS. It always regains, and RISES further. With the liberal media REFUSING to report the good things about the Trump administration because of their irrational hatred for this man, he has to seize upon everything he can to get his message out to the American public, and “get around” the liberal media blocking the good news. (CNBC)

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