Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kaepernick Is A Jerk

He doesn’t even understand what he’s “protesting.” He whines and cries bout cops killing black men so often. But not a word about black men killing cops so often from ambush. And not a word about the undeniable fact that almost ALL those cops shooting blacks were because blacks were shooting at them, or some unarmed innocent victim. People like him cry about the high number of blacks in prison, without even looking at how many black people commit crimes, and so are in prison for cause. He, and that “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who won’t hear of somebody saying ALL lives matter, say that the cops “target” blacks, and that’s the reason they are in prison. But they don’t need to be “targeted” by the cops. They actually COMMIT crimes at a higher rate than white people. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for pointing out this fact of life. His latest fan is somebody whose name is as unspellable as his, former Iran dictator Ahmadinijerk. And his being hired as a spokesman for Nike has caused a big DROP in their sales, while famous athletes destroy their Nike gear in protest, just s Dick’s sporting Goods has lost a lot of money for their decision to stop selling guns. Outfits like Nike need to learn to spend a bit more time and money finding out what most American REALLY think. (New York Post)

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