Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mugged By Reality

It has been said that a gun control activist is just someone who has never had to look down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a criminal (or something like that). Former anti-gun fool Ryan Moore found that out the hard way recently as two gun-toting criminals relieved him of all his important pocket possessions the other day. They took his MacBook Air, two iPads, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, and his wallet (presumably containing all his pocket money). After that, he had an epiphany, and actually became a gun owner. Then he took the next step and joined that “horrid old” NRA, and actually donated more money to them. He says what inspired him to join the NRA was people like David Hogg and their silly uninformed screeds. He has since become an outspoken Second Amendment supporter. He says leftists are the big reason why NRA donations and memberships have skyrocketed lately. The more they whine and scream for gun control, the more people become gun owners and join the NRA. They recognize that laws can’t stop bad people from being bad, but good people with guns, CAN. One bad guy at a time. Too many people just can’t grasp that. (Bearing Arms)

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