Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Raising the Ante

“Mad Max(ine) Waters is trying hard to “raise the anti” after she, herself, was harassed after telling her supporters to harass Trump people. She’s complaining and whining about “armed protests” against her. Funny thing though, no guns have been seen, not even by her. Any “armed protests” are in her fevered mind, only. The fact is, she didn’t expect the “blowback” after telling her people to harass Trump people. That’s something that’s just not done! Republicans just don’t do the same things the Dumocrats do! Like with “investigations,” which do more to make Dumocrats look guilty than otherwise, she expected that she could call for violence against Trump people without suffering any, herself. She was wrong. What goes around, comes around. Gone are the days when the Dumocrats could do all kinds of dirty, underhanded tricks without retaliation from their victims. She has learned, to her dismay, that when you recommend violence to your opponents, some of them will visit the same kind of violence on you. But armed? No Maxine. Only in your stupid mind are your opponents armed. You just want an excuse to hire armed thugs to hide behind. (Western Journal)

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