Friday, September 7, 2018

Second Is the Permit

hat’s essentially what the Ninth Circuit has said. The NINTH! The most reversed liberal court in the land! The “last resort” for liberals who want unconstitutional laws declared constitutional! And they have now made a “landmark ruling guaranteed to make liberals’ heads EXPLODE! They are saying that every state or local law requiring a permit to exercise a constitutional right to carry a gun is unconstitutional. That you need not go, hat in hand, to a nameless, faceless bureaucrat and pay him MONEY to LET YOU exercise this constitutional right. You have the right to buy and USE a gun, and what’s more, CARRY it, concealed, or unconcealed, WITHOUT buying a permit. I will be interested to see how the liberals SQUIRM to make this ruling meaningless, as they do with as many as they can in their quest to get rid of ALL our constitutional rights. They just can’t conceive of a world in which Americans have rights—rights that they can’t violate, or get reversed. Frankly, I believe this is a result of the conservative move in the Supreme Court, and the justices in the Ninth are “taking note,” and changing many of their rulings to make their court less a liberal mecca. (Firearms Policy)

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