Thursday, January 23, 2020

There Should Be Limits

The big problem with politics today is the Dumocrats and their practice of using impeachment as a “bludgeon” on President Trump. One Dumocrat has confidently predicted MANY attempts at impeaching President Trump if this one does not succeed. As such she is ADMITTING that this one will NOT succeed, and multiple attempts in the future are planned. Even now. Of course, they will use unchecked taxpayer money to do it. They have already spent more than $50 million dollars in their efforts to get rid of President Trump, and they want to spend even more. There should be a limit on how many times one president can be impeached when the opposite party controls the House, where impeachment articles must originate. And the Congress must “shut off the money supply” after too many attempts. The very people attempting to impeach Trump are the ones Trump has promised to expose, and they are trying valiantly to get rid of Trump before he can expose them. (Just common sense)

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