Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"Kids Killed at Night Club!"

That’s how the headline reads. But there are some glaring inconsistencies in this story. First of all, it was NOT a “night club.” It was a restaurant that had a limited alcohol sales license. It was a “dance party” and they were NOT serving liquor to underage people. It was NOT a case of a “mass shooter” who came in and started killing people. It was a GANG MEMBER who started shooting at other gang members, while people in the event shot back. What? Sounds to me like many of the attendees were armed gang members, too. It was a gang fight. And calling most of these people KIDS is a falsity, since they call them “kids” up to 19! A 19 year old is NOT a “kid.” He/she is an ADULT who has not yet quite reached 21. Even members of “MOMS Against Guns (or something like that)” are casting doubt on the reports, and that’s unusual. Usually they jump right on ANY story about people shooting one another and try to paint it in the worst way. (Gun Free Zone)

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