Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Media Disappointed

They hyped a riot, and it didn’t happen. Imagine thousands of armed people showing up, and not a single shot being fired. “Black Face” Governor Northam worked very hard to create a riot that would have discredited the thousand of armed attendees, but they didn’t cooperate. Yes, they brought their guns. But nobody fired a shot. CNN even published a story labeled, “Virginia Gun Fight,” about a gun fight that happened in—Kansas City (Virginia?). Talk about fake news! Northam would have been ecstatic if somebody had been shot to death (as long as it wasn’t him, of course), just to prove his point. But it didn’t happen. “Wiser heads” prevailed. This was all a “put-up job” designed to build support for his largely unconstitutional anti-gun laws. But it didn’t work. Logic prevailed, and it only proved how responsible legal gun owners are. I seriously doubt he will survive the next election, if he isn’t recalled before that. He's so desperate, he's trying to pass a law making criticizing a government official a criminal offense. Talk about a "wannabe despot!" (Red State)

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